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Our Baby Room

Our baby room is home to the smallest members of our nursery family.

We maintain a maximum of 3 children to one adult ratio with very often more staff than required as we recognise that very young children need one to one attention a lot of the time.

Our baby room has a welcoming feel, designed to enable physical and emotional development in a natural environment that feels like home.

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Our little friends enjoy a wide range of activities to keep them feeling loved and challenged.
We enjoy lots of heuristic and sensory activities as well as messy and physical play.

Our babies have their own dedicated baby garden full of age/stage appropriate toys and activities. It’s fun to hang out with older children too, especial if they are your siblings, so we ensure that our little friends have the opportunity to merge with the toddler and pre-school rooms whenever appropriate.

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Our Toddler Room

Our toddler room is home to our loveable, lively group of rising two’s.

Children move up to the toddler room from the baby room based on the stage of their development rather than their age.

They move up when they are ready to based on a number of factors, communication, physical development and emotional needs.
The toddler room again has its own dedicated outdoor play area that is linked to the main garden.

We are very lucky to be able to open up the classroom doors to enable free flow access to our well-equipped, undercover play area.

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Our toddler group continue to develop using sensory and messy play. The children’s natural curiosity is encouraged by displaying toys and equipment at child height helping to create an enabling environment.

Our small friends enjoy circle times activities such as the ‘hello song’ self registration, weather boards and shape and colour matching, all of which are continued and developed in pre-school.

Toilet training is very fashionable in this room also. Children are encouraged to learn toileting routines and are supported with their training development whatever stage they are at with it.

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Our Preschool Room

Our pre-school room is home to the eldest members of our nursery family.

In pre-school, all of the skills we have been learning all come together to ready the children for their next journey on to school.

The pre-school room is well equipped with a wide range of toys and stationary to create an environment in which the children can thrive and learn more independence.

The room layout is key to the way in which our little ones use their class room. We have set it out into ‘area’s of experience’ which enables practitioners to be creative in their approach to specific topics.

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We have a book corner, mark making area, creative play area and pet corner. There are always lots of activities to keep our young explorers both happy and stimulated.

Our pre-school children are encouraged to wear nursery uniform and use a nursery book bag to help prepare them for school.

Currently on a Tuesday morning we have a P.E. / Creative dance class that takes place on the premises. Children that have PE kit with them are encouraged, with help if required, to change before the session and again afterwards.

During the day there are lots of opportunities for the children to go outside and enjoy the lovely garden that we all so enjoy.

We all love to say ‘hello’ to Topsey and Wispa too.

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