Our Garden

Our Garden is Home to our Shetland Pony ‘Wisper’ and goat ‘Topsey’ – How lucky are we to have such funny friends right here at nursery. Wisper and Topsey are best of friends and provide us with endless entertainment with their cheeky carrying on.

The children just love to visit them with carrots and apples for treats, they are always much appreciated – smiles all round.

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Here at Tiny Horizons, we spend a lot of time outside. Come rain or shine, there’s no better place to stimulate all of the children’s senses than our large, well equipped, fully enclosed garden.
‘Visit our beach house, step right in, or cook dinner for 10 in our sensory mud kitchen.

Glide down the slide, and race to the swings, build dens out of branches and all sorts of things.

With our story tree and bug catching, there’s lots to explore, peep out of the window, there’s so much more.’

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